How To Wrangle a Ringworm

How To Wrangle a Ringworm

For some reason, you are interested in catching ringworm, but do you have the tools and the know-how to get the job done? This guide will aid you in your journey to catch ringworm.

Step 1: Recruit a furry companion.

What better way to catch ringworm than with man’s best friend by your side. Your hunting dog can increase your chances of being exposed to ringworm. You can catch ringworm directly from your pets! So if you’re lucky, ol’ Spot will hunt one down for you.

Step 2: Suit up!

Wearing used clothing will increase the likelihood of being exposed to ringworm. Ringworm loves to appear when people share clothes, towels, and other garments.

Step 3: Buy a UV flashlight.

Ringworm glows in UV light! Isn’t that convenient?

Step 4: Take off your shoes.

I recommend hunting barefoot, as it is better for balance and toe-grappling these ferocious beasts.

Step 5: March straight into their home ground.

Where does ringworm live? They are commonly found on communal bathroom floors, locker rooms, and in gyms.

You’ll know you’ve caught it once you experience one of the symptoms of ringworm. A rash appears on the skin in a raised ring shape. The rash is very itchy and dry. Ringworm will turn your fingernails yellow if it is the site of contact.

Is this not what you signed up for? Ringworm is not actually a worm, this is just a commonly believed myth.

Myth vs. Fact:

Myth: Ringworm is caused by a parasitic worm.

Fact: Ringworm is caused by a fungus, not a worm. The fungus families responsible for ringworm are trichophyton, microsporum, and epidermophyton.

Why is it perpetuated?

Without much thought, you can imagine why this myth is perpetuated, but there are other reasons why our culture and language keep this myth alive. Depending on where on the body the individual is affected, ringworm can be called different things, leading people to believe they are different causal agents altogether. For example, ringworm on the foot is called athlete’s foot, and ringworm on the groin is called jock itch.

More about ringworm:

Ringworm can be treated with anti-fungal cream, and it will usually clear up within 2-4 weeks depending on treatment.





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